VERVE | FP7 Project

VERVE is a research project that aims to develop new technologies to support the treatment of people who are at risk of social exclusion, either because of fear and apathy associated with ageing, or because of a neurological disorder.     [READ MORE]

Project title: VERVE: Vanquishing Fear and apathy through E-inclusion: Personalised and populated Realistic Virtual Environments for clinical, home and mobile platforms

Grant Agreement number:288914 | Large Scale Integrating Project (CP - IP)

Period covered: 01 Oct 2011 - 30 Sept 2014


Contact Details

As the VERVE project is now finished, please contact the individual partners. General queries can be sent to:

VERVE Project
Graphics Vision and Visualisation Group
School of Computer Science and Statistics
Trinity College Dublin
Email: gv2-info AT

Webmaster: gv2-info AT